Getting access to GVK Lounge with Priority Pass

Travelling domestic from Mumbai Terminal 2 on a normal day, you don’t really have too many options in terms of lounges.

If you are an airline-invited guest because of status or flying Business Class on Vistara, Jet Airways or Air India, you get invited to the GVK Lounge Domestic. If you have a credit card on American Express, Visa, MasterCard or use Priority Pass to gain lounge access, you have the option of going to the Travel Club Lounge. Both are operated by the Mumbai Airport, and the food is the same, except one is bigger than the other with better view.

GVK Lounge Domestic Entrance

GVK Lounge Domestic Entrance

There has been also talk about roping off one section of the GVK Lounge, Domestic to make it a Priority Pass accessible Lounge.

However, there is a hidden trick to get into the GVK Lounge with the Priority Pass. When a party is travelling together and some have access via a direct invitation to the Lounge (status, business class), and others don’t, they can use a Priority Pass to get in.

Dining at GVK Lounge Mumbai

Dining at GVK Lounge Mumbai

This could be useful when families travel together and their kids have no access, for instance, or when various people from an organisation may be travelling together and some may not have access but others do.

There are no published regulations around this, however I’ve seen this work a few times so I am convinced that the lounge would allow a few guests in on Priority Pass only if they are accompanied by people who are anyways supposed to be there.


This may be good to know for those who skip the beautiful lounge at Mumbai because you don’t have access for some others in your travelling party. This is only valid for access via Priority Pass and not via credit cards.

Have you ever managed to get into the GVK Lounge with a Priority Pass?

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  1. I will be travelling in Business Class from Toronto to Goa via Delhi and Mumbai. The Delhi-Mumbai and Mumbai-Goa legs are with Air India.

    Where, when, and how do I get an invite to the GVK lounge? I understand a Business Class boarding pass is not enough. Thank you.

      • @Ajay. Thank you very much. Do you know if the GVK and Air India lounges provide towels with their shower facilities?

        I’m trying to carry as little as possible in my carry-on.

  2. This article is rubbish. Tried today and categorically told they do not accept priority pass. We were also with 3 business class passengers and 3 of us were in 1st but in staff so were not issued with invites. Even then try said they do not take priority pass.

    • @Stewart, what part of trash talking you could not read that this access trick was only valid for the Domestic Area and not the International Lounge. And if you were staff, you know you don’t get Lounge Access. That is the airline policy, not mine

  3. Hi, me and my 2 friends will be traveling from Mumbai to d
    Delhi from jet airways economy. We all have Visa Signature cards which gives us access to Travel Club lounge. Is there any chance we can use the gvk lounge ?

    • @Anmol the GVK lounge is only for airline invited passengers. So unless jet airways is issuing you an invite, you won’t be able to access the GVK lounge

  4. I had been to Gvk lounge & had a best experience with very courteous & helping staff with good food & state of art place to relax.

  5. Again let me add one point from my own experience at GVK Lounge.

    The time limit for transit passengers is 5 hours (instead of 3 hours). And if you need more time, you may swipe your priority pass or bank credit card at TFS lounge to buy additional time.

  6. Got some info googling 🙂 … Looks like an Arrivals Lounge !!

    Aviserv Lounge
    Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Intl, Terminal 2

    Opening hours
    24 hours daily.

    Landside – located on Level 2 (Arrivals Level), proceed through Customs and Baggage Claim and turn left. The lounge is located next to Gate A.

    Maximum 3 hour stay – Children under 6 years are admitted free.

  7. Hello Ajay

    There is a new lounge at the Mumbai Intl Airport .

    Aviserv Lounge !! ( Any idea if it only for Domestic or Only Intl )
    Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Intl, Terminal 2

    If you have any update about this lounge plz do post a review !!

    Thanks !

    • @Farzan I’ve thought about walking in sometimes, but almost never do since I go home. I’ll try sometime. It would be better when they join Priority Pass or something.

  8. As the entry charges for both the lounges are same, they do permit the accompanying passenger in the the lounge with other eligibility like PriorityPass etc.

  9. This has happened to me earlier. My wife is not a jet airways elite while I was, so I proceeded to the TFS lounge thinking my wife wouldn’t get access to the gvk one. The attender there told me that I can stamp it here for your wife and show the same at gvk. I used my amex jet airways platinum for TFS access for my wife and showed the stamp at gvk lounge and they let us in without a fuss. Bottom line: you can do this with credit cards as well.

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