GoAir adds new flights from Mumbai and Delhi

Slots held by Jet Airways at Mumbai Airport have been temporarily re-distributed among other airlines. Vistara and AirAsia India were the first to add flights. SpiceJet was next, they added a handful of flights since they are currently dealing with MAX groundings. Next in line was IndiGo, which announced additional flights from Mumbai Terminal 2.

IndiGo further expanded their presence at Mumbai’s & Delhi’s Terminal 2 by adding 18 more domestic flights temporarily. Air India added a single new international flight from Mumbai from May 1, 2019, which they have pushed back to May 31, 2019, in light of the recent terror attacks in SriLanka. Now, SpiceJet has launched additional flights from Mumbai and Delhi’s Terminal 2, as they are taking delivery of 22 Jet Airways 737s.

GoAir new flights

GoAir A320

Now, GoAir has made their move. GoAir will add additional flights from Mumbai’s and Delhi’s Terminal 2 from April 26, 2019. All three LCCs will now operate temporary domestic flights out of Mumbai’s Terminal 2. The new flights are,

Mumbai – Ahmedabad

G82603 BOM1055 – 1230AMD 320 x7
G82604 AMD1300 – 1420BOM 320 x7

G82504 BOM1155 – 1320AMD 320 x7
G82505 AMD1350 – 1520BOM 320 x7

Mumbai – Ranchi

G82502 BOM0545 – 0815IXR 320 D
G82503 IXR0845 – 1115BOM 320 D

Mumbai – Chandigarh

G82506 BOM1630 – 1900IXC 320 D
G82604 IXC1945 – 2325BOM 320 D

Mumbai – Nagpur

G82601 BOM0640 – 0815NAG 320 D
G82602 NAG0850 – 1010BOM 320 D

Mumbai – Delhi

G82508 BOM2359 – 0210DEL 320 D
G82501 DEL0240 – 0455BOM 320 D

Mumbai – Goa

G82605 BOM1505 – 1630GOI 320 D
G82606 GOI1700 – 1810BOM 320 D

Mumbai – Jaipur

G82607 BOM1850 – 2045JAI 320 D
G82608 JAI2115 – 2320BOM 320 D

Delhi – Lucknow

G82509 DEL0640 – 0800LKO 320 D
G82510 LKO0830 – 0950DEL 320 D

Delhi – Nagpur

G82515 DEL0700 – 0835NAG 320 D
G82516 NAG0910 – 1050DEL 320 D

G82519 DEL1915 – 2055NAG 320 D
G82520 NAG2125 – 2310DEL 320 D

Delhi – Patna

G82511 DEL1130 – 1320PAT 320 D
G82512 PAT1350 – 1530DEL 320 D

Delhi – Pune

G82513 DEL1635 – 1850PNQ 320 D
G82514 PNQ1920 – 2130DEL 320 D

Delhi – Kochi

G82517 DEL1145 – 1455COK 320 x2
G82518 COK1525 – 1830DEL 320 x3

GoAir grounded around 20% of its fleet earlier and even deferred deliveries of newer A320neo. They are even pulling out of the Maldives. Now, GoAir is finally taking delivery of A320neos and bringing back grounded aircraft, it seems. However, we don’t know when do these flights end, since these are only temporary flight schedules to start. With this, only Air India is left to announce new domestic flights.

Air India also has 24 grounded aircraft at the moment and is looking to lease Jet Airways 777s. Additionally, they will soon take delivery of the last A320neo on order. Maybe they are waiting for the right time to add new flights from Mumbai and Delhi.

Will you be travelling on the new flights announced by GoAir?


  1. Hello Karan is there any update you have for Hindon(ghaziabad UP) Airport. I am really want to know about schedule for it. I really need to know about from Hindon airport to Mumbai flight.

  2. Well, Air India didn’t expand the number of flight count on trunk routes instead deployed their wide bodies in these slots. DEL-BOM have 13 AI flights scheduled on the route with average about 2 of them being cancelled on any given day prior to Jet Crisis instead now it all are operational with 4 wide bodies being deployed which includes B747, B777 & B787 in atleast 4 flights. This negates the use of temporary slots to enhance capacity.

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