GoAir is ready to move to Delhi Terminal 2

A couple of months ago, Delhi Airport notified the three no-frill carriers based out of Delhi’s Terminal 1, that on account of Terminal 1 being upgraded for future capacity, they would need to move one-third of their flights out of the terminal and relocate to Terminal 2.

This move came up after all the carriers did not come to a consensus about moving to Delhi Terminal 2. So ideally, by end of August they were supposed to notify Delhi Airport (DIAL) about the flights that would move to Terminal 2, and execute the plan by the end of October. However, there seems to be a hiccup.

Indigo does not want to move, at all. And GoAir, the smallest of the Delhi T1 operator, is willing to move fully. They recently wrote to the Delhi Airport operator about their intention to cooperate.


Trouble is, this is a tip of the iceberg for Delhi Airport. GoAir, with about 25 planes only has 40 aircraft movements from Delhi. So SpiceJet or Indigo, till they don’t budge, this does not solve the problem for the airport operator.

So, which way does this go right now, we don’t know. We are already just about 20 days away from the new schedule being implemented, and it seems this traffic is still going to stay after Diwali and serpentine queues will be a norm going forward as well.

Do you think Delhi Airport will get de-congested anytime soon?


  1. SpiceJet/Indigo have a fantastic marketing opportunity to move in fully to T2 and literally brand the living shit out of the terminal as SpiceTerminal or Indigo terminal. Might be more feasible for SG considering lower number of flights!

    • @Vishal, yes, that is a possibility however everyone seems to be worried (my guess), that this is only temporary and not permanent (till T1 comes back online with higher capacity).

      • Yes that is most definitely the plan. Move to T2, expand T1, move back to T1, demolish T2, brand new T4 in its place. I doubt any airline would be willing to play terminal ping pong. They will either have to be forced, or DIAL will need to come up with a new plan

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