Free Thailand Visa on Arrival this Winter for 21 nationalities

Thailand remains one of the most popular destinations for luxury and budget travellers alike. Many people head to Thailand because of the ease of obtaining a Visa on Arrival, without any considerations. Now, the good news is that the Thai government has decided to waive off the 2000 Thai Baht fee for the coming two months, in order to boost tourism revenue.Free Thailand Visa

Between November 15, 2018, and January 13, 2019 tourists from 21 countries are exempt from paying the short term Thai Visa on Arrival (VOA) fee. The countries are

  • Andora
  • Bulgaria
  • Bhutan
  • China
  • Cyprus
  • Ethiopia
  • Fiji
  • India
  • Kazakhstan
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Maldives
  • Malta
  • Mauritius
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Romania
  • San Marino
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan

These visas are available at 40 immigration checkpoints including international airports such as the ones in Bangkok and Phuket. You can stay in Thailand for a maximum of 15 Days with this Visa. Do note that the short-term VoA cannot be extended. Here is the official circular.

Getting a short stay Visa on Arrival in Thailand is a breeze. All you need is a return ticket, a recent 4×6 cm photograph, a proof of income. You fill in the VoA form, hand over the fee at the designated counter and you should get your Visa. I’ve done this before and the whole process for me took about 20 minutes.

Thailand continues to be a tourism powerhouse with over 35 million people visiting the country last year. Indian travellers formed a sizable chunk of this number with over 1.2 million Indians arriving in Thailand during the same period. With no-frills carriers like GoAir and IndiGo ramping up capacity and adding new routes, such as the Mumbai-Phuket one, that number should keep growing.


Thailand’s decision to waive off the Visa fee is a good move for tourists and the local tourism industry alike. If you are travelling to Thailand during these two months, you can save quite a bit of money.

Will you be travelling to Thailand this winter because of the free Visa on Arrival?


  1. I am travelling to Thailand on 26th of April and returning on 10th May. As per the norms free visa is applicable upto 30th of april 2019. As I am returning after 30th of april will I be eligible to get free visa or I need to pay the visa amnt i.e 2000 BHT.

    Can somebody clarify this?


  2. I am planning for travelling on 18th jan 2019 for 5 days ….what i need to do to get VOA at waived fee ,…..what is the process for it … i need to fill any form in prior before reaching Thailand or can i get everything done on Thailand airport itself …

  3. After knowing that there is free visa TIll 31st jan we booked our travel on 20th jan. seriously this is very bad to hear that they had preponed the dates. It’s a very bad mark to the country..

  4. I am staying in Myanmar on a Social visa till 6th Feb 2019 and further plans to proceed to Bangkok by flight on 6th Feb for one week till 13 the Feb with return flight to Chennai.

    Will there be an extension of Visa free travel to Thailand possibly till Valentine Day to attract more tourist so that I will also be benefitted on this facility.

    Anyone may comment from any reliable sources.

    By the way is there any transit period allows for transit passengers ? so that I can reschedule to avail the transit period to spend my visit just in Bangkok only.

  5. It was first published on all leading News Papers and on various sites that Indian Passport Holders can visit Thailand free from 1st Dec to Jan 31st 2019.

    Accordingly many have booked and made reservation of Hotels after 13th Jan 2019.

    Now l read that the last date to avail free visa is on 13th Jan 2019 instead of 31st Jan 2019.
    Can anyone clarify which date is correct and what happens to those you booked after 13th Jan 2019.

  6. Times of India had published that Thai visa on arrival will be free upto 31st Jan 2019.

    But now l read it’s till 13th Jan 2019.

    Many passengers have booked after 13th Jan to avail the free waiver.

    What happens to these passengers?

  7. plz tell me what is duration of waive visa fees of thailand . because i going to bangkok on 15th jan 2019. plz tell me the correct information

    • Please confirm the dates for free visa in Thailand.
      Many sites show till 31st Jan 2019
      And some show 13th Jan 2019.
      Many passengers have booked after 13th Jan 2019 what happens to these passengers who were told waiver till 31st Jan 201o

  8. I am going to Thailand (DMK).How much Bhat I have to carry per person for VOA in Thailand? Some people are telling that we need keep 20k bhat per person and 50k bhat for family and some says 20k bhat per person and 20k for family. Please suggest

  9. Hi Can you please confirm if the visa waiver is until Jan 31st? I checked with the Siam Legal and they say the visa fee lift is only until Jan 13th …
    Please confirm on this.It’s really frustrating news says one thing and the consultancy says the other.

  10. Hi,

    Is it mentioned on Thai embassy site because i didn’t see this note on Thai embassy site.
    How do we convince the officers about free visa is there any legal documented proof.

  11. Would like to know if free visa on arrival dates are till 31st Jan or 13th Jan,I have return flight on 31st Jan.

  12. i am travelling on 07 jan 2019 for 7 days ….what i need to do to get VOA at waived fee ,…..what is the process for it … i need to fill any form in prior before reaching Thailand or can i get everything done on Thailand airport itself ….

  13. I am traveling to Thailand during Christmas? Where is the link to this Visa free regime could not find one . Our travel desk is not aware. Also there used to be an accelerated visa on arrival by paying extra, is that provision still available? (One can save 30-45 min during peak season)

      • Unfortunately, even after extensive googling I could not find any link, including Thai embassy. Only one news thread found on India today . Would appreciate if get some pointers

      • I entered Thailand on 26th (yesterday) . The queue at airport was crazy compared to March when I visited again with VOA. Process of visa is same. For express VOA they are charging 200B (earlier the surcharge was 100B ie2100 B) . My recommendation is to pay 200B and get VOA in 2-3 min rather than wait 70 min ( other friend took that much time) . Waiting 70 min means your luggage remains unattended outside near the belt post the Immigration

    • As of today too, thailand visa on arrival is free. While it took less than 5 min for my e-visa today (fastrack queue 200bhat), the free visa had a queue of about 30min.

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