Reminder: 10 days to expiry of Air India miles

Air India had instituted a new workflow to get the members of their frequent flyer program, Flying Returns, verified by submitting some paperwork, given the huge number of bogus accounts they must have had over a period of time. Subsequent to this move, you can only move forward with a redemption booking after your account is verified.

In case you were facing problems getting verification done, which Air India admits it is slow at it, you should push the buttons now! There is good reason for it. Air India had stopped expiring miles between December 2015 and May 2016, and now, they plan to expire all the miles which were due to expire in this period by the end of June 2016. They also put up a big notice regarding this which takes over the entire Flying Returns website.


If you face a problem getting your verification completed, you should tweet to Air India at @airindiain and DM your details. That is how much I had to do to get my wife’s account verified after they sat on the details received from her for at least a month if not more.

Once your account is verified, you may want to use your miles for the 40% discount sale that Air India is running for redemption right now.

Have you guys verified your accounts yet?

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