Easter Weekend 2018: Getaway without breaking the bank!

Haven’t made plans for the Easter weekend 2018? It is just around the corner folks! We spent a lot of time this week in digging up for cheap flights to popular destinations and landed up in shock after seeing the fares. It turns out that, flight to Goa (from Mumbai) are expensive than some famous international destinations. When we say expensive, it is INR 16K for a round trip between Mumbai & Goa!

So we thought we’d give you options. Since it is all about utilising a good amount of time on the ground during this break, we have selected flights which will allow you to spend maximum time in those destinations. Here is a list of few popular destinations to explore for the Easter Weekend. One great place to start, if you are looking to fly in luxury on the cheap would be to look at Momondo. This is a great website to pick up luxury fares on the cheap. They are a metasearch engine, just like iXigo.

For Economy fares, you could look at tonnes of places. Skyscanner is a good place to start looking.

Now, let’s get to the meat of where to go. While we are putting out options from Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, there are so many more places to go.

From Mumbai

Instead of Goa, you could fly down to Kochi (Cochin) and indulge in its rich heritage or relax on its beaches. You could even fly to Dubai and have a taste of luxury and fine Arabic Hospitality. Remember, Dubai now has Visa on Arrival for Indians, so it is not that much of a problem.

Mumbai to Cochin Round Trip

Mumbai to Dubai Round Trip

Flights departing from Mumbai to:

  • Cochin – INR 10,614
  • Dubai – INR 12,456
  • Goa – INR 15,904
  • Colombo (Departing on 29th March) – INR 22,061
  • Bangkok – INR 24,775
  • Singapore (Departing on 29th March) – INR 26,279
  • Male – INR 26,764

Cochin Fishing Nets

You could book these through Yatra, MakeMyTrip, Akbar Travels & Cleartrip. FlyDubai could also be booked direct.

From Delhi

Though the capital is well connected with numerous destinations, last minute airfare has crossed another level. However, don’t lose hope. There are cheap and affordable flights to Dubai, Colombo and Male (Maldives) available.

Delhi to Colombo Round Trip

Delhi to Male Round Trip

Flights departing from DEL to:

  • Cochin – INR 18,447
  • Sharjah, for heading to Dubai – INR 18,698
  • Goa – INR 19,117
  • Colombo (Departing on 29th March) – INR 21,717
  • Male – INR 26,642
  • Singapore (Departing on 29th March) – INR 30,196
  • Bangkok – INR 33,371

You could book these through Yatra, MakeMyTrip, Akbar Travels & Cleartrip. FlyDubai could also be booked direct.

From Bengaluru

Fly to international destinations like Singapore, Male, Bangkok, Dubai, Colombo in reasonably cheap tickets. If you are looking for a steal, fly to Cochin in INR 6,396. Bengaluru residents, grab your flight tickets as early as possible!

(Singapore Round Trip)

(Cochin Round Trip)

Flights departing from BLR to:

  • Cochin – INR 6,396
  • Goa – INR 10,629
  • Singapore – INR 14,036
  • Dubai – INR 18,504
  • Colombo – INR 21,454
  • Male – INR 25,046
  • Bangkok – INR 25,094

Goa, Always Magical!

Bottomline is, this weekend is a great place to start planning your Long weekend. So, where are you heading next weekend? Share with us, because we sure want to know… And if there are places you know with cheap flights, share in the comments!

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