Here is how Team LFAL is spending money this Diwali!

Diwali is less than a week away, and all the sales are out full steam. Be it booking air tickets or going on an online shopping spree; your credit card should help you earn even more rewards this festive seasons. And with so many Diwali offers on credit cards, each one of us at LiveFromALounge has picked our favourite cards. Remember, we are doing continuous coverage for you to be able to track all the Diwali promotions. Here are all the earlier posts.

Ashwant’s Strategy

Diwali offers on credit card

My goto credit card for spends will be the Amex Membership Rewards credit card. Apart from earning the regular 1000 bonus MR points/month for four INR 1000 swipes, I have my eyes set on the PayTM vouchers which I’ll earn thanks to the Amex Diwali Sparkles promotion. And the best part is that I got this card lifetime free!

Diwali offers on credit card

I’m going to be in Mumbai this Diwali, but I plan on making a short trip home the weekend after. I’ll be using my Jet Airways Amex Platinum card to book discounted tickets during Jet Airways’ Diwali Sale. That gets me 16 JPMiles/ INR 150 spent apart from the usual accruals. Last, for all my electronics purchases, I’ll be using my add-on SBI Credit Card on Flipkart. I get an INR 4,000 discount while my dad gets the miles. A win-win scenario.

Shipra’s favourite cards

Citi Prestige India Optimize credit cards to earn airmiles

Shipra has been quite the road-warrior for the past few weeks, and her trusty card is the Citi Prestige. She has been loading up cash on her PayTM account with the Citi Prestige for 5X points all of the last weeks or so. For booking upcoming trips on Jet Airways, Shipra’s goto card is the HDFC Jet Airways Diners card. 24 JPMiles/INR 150 spent on tickets is a solid reward rate.

What cards will Ajay choose?

HDFC Bank Diners Club

HDFC Bank Diners Club

With practically every other major credit card in Ajay’s stash, he is spoilt for choice. For travel, Ajay has booked up using his HDFC Diners Black Credit Card on HDFC’s travel portal where you earn 10X Reward points. On the shopping front, he plans to maximise earnings by putting his spends on the Diners Black during the HDFC Happy Hours. Better use up the Happy Hour 10X rewards limit before touching the SmartBuy ceiling. He also tells me about a new offer for jewellery which we will write about tomorrow, and will be available on November 4 and 5.

Ajay was also quick to jump on the Citibank-Paytm promotion where you earned 5X points on PayTM. He used his Citi Prestige which got you a generous reward of 5 points/ INR 100 spent. For everything else, there is the ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro Amex card which will get him Marriott vouchers.


These are just a few of the credit cards which are offering good rewards. Check out my Diwali credit card roundup to see what your credit card may have in store for you.

What is your credit card strategy this festive season?


  1. Ashwant,

    I have both the Amex cards you have mentioned . But I always use the JetAirways Platinum believing it to be the most rewarding . Am I missing something by not using the membership reward card . I am at Jet Platinum tier. So basically both cards are free for life till I am Platinum i.e. what are addon benefits of membership reward over Amex Jet Platinum

    • PS : I do not watch movies in cinema halls so the Paytm movie promotion does not appeal to me. I won’t spend huge amount to reach the gold voucher

  2. Hello Ajay Sir,

    Can you help in credit card application? I recently applied for amex mrcc which got declined due to poor cibil score. My score is 783 but amex shared my CIR report in which score is 682. I had a word with cibil support. They said there are 2 versions of cibil report. Version 1 is fetched/obtained by individuals on and version 2 is fetched by banks/nbfc. Version 2 score is 100-102 points lower than version 1. Kindly help.

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