Delhi Airport unveils their #FuturisticAirport Masterplan for growth

Delhi Airport recently served a literal evacuation notice to airlines operating out of Terminal 1, asking them to move 30% of their flights to Terminal 2 by the end of October 2017. On the back of this move, the Delhi Airport has today revealed their master plan for Terminal 1 and how they intend to increase capacity there.

We had first written about the expansion of the Delhi Airport last year, and this sticks more or less to the numbers, except the timelines have moved a bit.

Delhi Airport Terminal 1 Apron

Delhi Airport Terminal 1 Apron

First, some bullet points on the capacity building:

  • Capacity of Terminal 1 will go up from 20 million to 40 million passengers. This will be on the back of the area of the terminal almost tripling from the current 60000 square metres to 169000 square metres. Terminal 1C and Terminal 1D which are the arrival and departure terminals right now will be combined in the process.
  • 22 Aerobridges to be installed.
  • There will be 13 entry gates to the terminal, instead of the current 8.
  • One more bank of check-in counters to come up to take it to 5 banks of check-in counters.
  • From 12 Common User Self Service terminals, this will go up to 35 installations as well.
  • Hand baggage will be processed quicker with an automatic tray retrieval system to be installed, a-la-Terminal 5 at Heathrow. This would increase the speed and the efficiency as well, what with the need to stamp hand baggage gone now.
  • Baggage belts will go up to 10 from the current 8, and also longer to be able to bring more bags on the belt quicker.
  • The Baggage Management system will undergo an overhaul, and a complete rework will be done to make it airport wide rather than airline-wise.

The airport also intends to increase the capacity of T3 to 45 million pax per annum from the current 34 million passenger per annum. The airport intends to start working on Terminal 4 after they have completed Terminal 1 rework and demolished T2 after that. The new Terminal 1 is intended to come on board by 2020 and the Terminal 4 will go live by 2025.

Terminal 2, which is the go-between for the time being, will have reasonable capacity as well, and will look and feel like T3.

  • 4 entry gates
  • 74 check-in counters
  • 9 X-ray machines
  • 6 Aerobridges + 4 bus gates
  • 6 baggage belts

Not just that, Delhi Metro intends to put up a train station under the new T1 as well within a short while, when the Delhi Metro Stage 4 plan kicks in.


Overall a rosy picture out there. With the big growth in Aviation coming up in India, one does need a few mega airports. Mumbai does not have the space to expand, so Delhi it will have to be. Bangalore is also growing slowly at the moment. So, we should be glad at least one airport is growing big to be able to make Indian carriers help with a base. I sure do hope we will see a better picture than this after the new airport terminal opens up…It literally looks like an Indian bus shelter.

Terminal 1D Crowd on Sunday

Terminal 1D Crowd on Sunday

What do you think about the plans for the Delhi Airport? I’m sure looking forward to see the new terminals in a few years time…

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  1. Even with this expansion they will be barely keeping up with traffic forecasts. Delhi should cross 60 million this year and be close to 70 million next, rendering them undercapacity even before 2020

  2. “Bangalore is also growing slowly at the moment” 20% YOY does not constitute ‘growing slowly’ by any stretch of the imagination

  3. 🙁
    Being a Mumbaikar, this is really embarrassing for the planned Navi Mumbai Airport! How many delays to get something out! And all the dates keep getting pushed. Mumbai desperately needs more infrastructure, immediately.

  4. I sure hope the Indigo biggies follow your blog. How could they pass on a chance to have a dedicated terminal is beyond me. They are thinking short sighted saying the taxi is longer and will burn more fuel, but I’m sure those logistics could be worked upon.
    I sense an insane amount of chaos for all budget travellers now with some flights going from T1 and others from T2.
    But perhaps they move all Metro flights to T2 and keep others at T1. It will sure be interesting to see what develops.

    • **I sense an insane amount of chaos for all budget travellers now with some flights going from T1 and others from T2.**

      Especially for the TRANSIT PAX… running between 2 Terminals even when flying the same airline on a Single PNR.

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