Club Carlson revamp coming in March 2018?

The Carlson Rezidor Group is in the process of rebranding itself and has changed its name to the Radisson Hotel Group. In November 2017, the company changed its legal name from Carlson Hotels Inc. to Radisson Hospitality Inc.

Club Carlson revamp loyalty program

This change comes from a series of events that began in 2016 when Carlson Hotels was bought by Chinese conglomerate HNA Tourism Group. In 2017, HNA acquired 51% of their European sister company, Rezidor Hotel Group. Last year senior executives at Carlson Rezidor said that the company is planning to change its name and separate its identity from its previous owners, the Carlson family. According to a company presentation which lays out the vision through 2022, the new entity plans to “leverage the wide awareness of the Radisson brand name”

Club Carlson revamp on March 5, 2018

Though the name is not the only thing that Carlson Rezidor has changed. The loyalty program currently named Club Carlson will also be renamed. There are talks of the program being called Radisson Rewards, again as per the presentation. The program is expected to launch new benefits to be comparative with their peers as well.

On March 5, the company will share the new structure and the future plans for the loyalty program at the International Hotel Investment Forum in Berlin.

Apart from the loyalty program and restructuring the current hotel brands, the group’s new strategy also entails digital technology investments and a new marketing strategy for revenue optimization.

All in all, Radisson Hotel Group has set itself a very ambitious goal to become one of the top three hotel companies in the world. Only time will tell if the new plans and strategy will succeed. I for one would like to see them refresh the current Club Carlson program which currently is quite lame.

More on this on March 5, 2018!

What is on your wishlist for the changes you expect from the Club Carlson Radisson Rewards program?


  1. I’m all for new benefits as right now Club Carlson is not really competitive compared to the other programs. The changes they made a couple of years ago improved the program over the old program so hopefully we will see some more positive improvements and not the typical “enhancements”….meaning devaluation we are seeing from other chains.

    What would I like to see?
    – better recognition for Gold like breakfast and real upgrades.
    – more reward options for higher category rooms like suites. Right now you can redeem more points for an upgraded room but not to suites.

  2. While Radisson Blu is amazing; the Radisson is really bad. They should have completely rebranded. Too many bad memories at Radisson

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