British Airways’ retro liveries to celebrate 100 years

British Airways is celebrating 100 years of flying this year, and given the environment, we live in, a 100 years of flying is a very big deal. As a part of the British Airways 100 years celebrations, British Airways will introduce a series of retro liveries.

British Airways has announced that G-BYGC, a Boeing 747-400 will be repainted in a British Overseas Airways Corporation (B.O.A.C.) livery. The aircraft, G-BYGC is 20 years old and will sport the livery till 2023 when it will be retired. The aircraft will touch down at London Heathrow after repainting in Dublin on February 18, 2019.


British Airways retro livery

B.O.A.C. livery on Boeing 747-400

This is first of a series of special retro liveries which will be introduced this year. Which other liveries will be introduced by British Airways?

British Airways was formed by the merger of BOAC and British European Airways (B.E.A.), and two regional airlines, Cambrian Airways and Northeast Airlines. So there is a possibility of another livery of at least one of the three erstwhile airlines. Here is a look of the B.E.A. livery,

British Airways retro livery

British European Airways (BEA) Attribution: Piergiuliano Chesi

Apart from these, British Airways also took over Calendonian airlines, Dan-Air and British Midland International. We may see one of those liveries I guess.

British Airways retro livery

British Caledonian Boeing 747

The Landor livery should most definitely make a comeback. We may see it on one of the Boeing 777 in British Airways fleet I suppose.

British Airways retro livery

British Airways Landor livery Source: Flickr

According to Alex Cruz, Chairman and CEO, British Airways,

So many British Airways customers and colleagues have fond memories of our previous liveries, regularly sharing their photos from across the globe, so it’s incredibly exciting to be re-introducing this classic B.O.A.C. design. Our history has shaped who we are today, so our centenary is the perfect moment to revisit our heritage and the UK’s aviation landscape through this iconic livery.

However, all future aircraft including the Airbus A350 will feature the current Chatham Dockyards design which was introduced in 1997 for the Concorde.

Which retro British Airways Livery are you looking forward to?


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