Bengaluru Airport to install bodyscanners

Bengaluru Airport is getting tech savvy. They started with testing biometric access. Now, they are introducing Smart Lanes for security. Bengaluru International Airport has tied up with MacDonald Humfrey Automation to introduce Smart Lanes with Automatic Tray Retrieval System. A trial was conducted in 2017.

Smart Lane and Automatic Tray Removal System

An automated tray handling system reduces queue times, enhances operational efficiency and lowers staffing levels. The ATRS system automatically returns empty trays to the preparation area for passengers to place their bags and belongings. They don’t require passengers or staff to push their trays/ bags into the scanners and automatically segregate trays which need additional screening. ATRS is used globally, including at London Heathrow, and is being also trialled at Mumbai Terminal 2.

people standing around a conveyor belt

Rendering of Smart Lane by L3-MacDonald Humfrey

BIAL will have gender-neutral queues for security, which indicates Bengaluru airport be the first in India to get body scanners. ProVision 2, the model under discussion, is currently used at almost all major airports around the world.

people standing in a room with people standing around a counter

Smart Lane at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Image Courtesy: Amsterdam Airport Schipol

So what is a body scanner?

In an image-free body scanner, the screen shows OK if the passenger doesn’t have a concealed item on him/her. If there is concealed item on the person, then it’s exact location is shown on a generic mannequin displayed on the screen. Passengers are asked to step aside for frisking if they are not cleared by the system. Otherwise, they are good to go. No Personal Images are generated. The scan hardly takes a few seconds and should cut short the security check time by 50%.

a metal detector with a scanner

ProVision 2

The Smart lanes are going to be installed in a phased manner at both Domestic and International security holds. The entire project is slated to be completed by March 2019.


While ATRS isn’t new in India, the body scanners are. The image-free body scanners are a much-needed upgrade for Indian airports to reduce waiting time. However, there is a still long way to go. Shorter immigration queues should be next. Why should I wait to enter my own country?

What do you think of the new move by Bangalore Airport? Will other airports especially AAI operated ones follow BIAL’s footstep?

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