Speed through Bangalore Airport with a new expedited gate

Bangalore airport has introduced a slew of new facilities to deliver a hassle-free on ground experience when you fly out of the city. The automated Bangalore airport baggage drop counters become the first of their kind in India which enables self-bag drop

They started testing biometric access. Bangalore airport introduced smart lanes for security and will even install body scanners to reduce time at the security check. In the meantime, Bangalore airport has introduced a new gate, Gate 5, for expedited entry.

Bangalore airport gate

Upcoming Terminal 2 at Bangalore airport

Passengers who already have a printed boarding pass and have handbag(s) only will be allowed to enter via this gate. No trolleys or wheelchairs will be allowed to pass through this gate. Gate 5 makes it convenient to enter the terminal and directly head to the security check area.

According to Bangalore airport officials,

23% of the total 55,000 passengers departing from the airport daily travel with just their hand baggage. This dedicated gate promises to reduce waiting time at security checkpoints.

Kudos to the Bangalore airport for taking small steps to improve passenger experience and reduce the time spent for the journey to the boarding gate.

Are you a frequent handbag only travel from Bangalore? Will you be using the new gate for entry?


  1. Bangalore Airport is one of the best airport of India, and certainly one of the largest. Its good that they have updated the Look of it. will be Seeing it next month on my Thailand Trip.

  2. Yes. I used this gate on Apr 19th at 7 a.m.and went through the new smart security lane. All in 4 minutes – from airport entry to airside.

  3. Good to see Bangalore airport taking cue from Hyderabad airport. This is very much needed for a city like Bangalore where traffic spoils plans.

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