Award Reservation Assistance

Over the years, we’ve helped you all earn a lot of miles. Some of you are pros at burning them, while for some of you, you can do with a little bit of help. For those of you who’ve been saving your miles for that special trip, let us help you book it.

Why us?

Our experience helps you. We’ve flown some of the best cabins out there, and know how mileage redemptions work in practice. We can advise you not just on optimising your mileage spend, but also on how to make an experience out of your trip. Not to mention we’ve already earned and burned a boatload of miles.

How does it work?

You send us the details that we require, and we will come back to you with a possible itinerary at the earliest. We work with you to further refine the trip. Charges for the second and third passenger will be 75% of the charges for the first passenger on the same itinerary.

Once we have a trip itenariry ready or on hold, we will ask you to cover the service fee, which can be sent in via NEFT in Indian Rupees only.

We’ve worked out 3 packages for those of you who’d like to use our award booking concierge:

  • Classic: For domestic & regional routings including non-stops from India to ASEAN countries.
  • Premium: For medium to long haul routings.
  • Uber: For the most complicated of routes, including Round-The-World ticketing

Pricing will be advised individually once you contact us.

Contact Us:

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