Another round of expansion from Mumbai by SpiceJet

Jet Airways suspending operations created a big void in the Indian aviation market. On the domestic front, Ministry of Civil Aviation has temporarily distributed some of Jet Airways flights to other carriers, and they have quickly launched a slew of new temporary flights especially out of Mumbai and Delhi.

AirlineSlots Allocated Notes
SpiceJet13068 at Mumbai
IndiGo12738 at Delhi
Vistara11048 at Mumbai
AirAsia India42
Air India24
Alliance Air2

On the international front, both SpiceJet and IndiGo have added quite a few flights lately, especially to Saudi Arabia, taking advantage of the recent increase in bilateral rights.

SpiceJet which already has 17 ex-Jet Airways 737s in its fleet, with another 5 joining soon, has plans to take around 40 ex-Jet Airways 737s. They rebranded Jet Airways business class cabin and are selling it as SpiceBiz.

Spicejet new flights

Hybrid liveries of SpiceJet

In another round of expansion, SpiceJet has added the following temporary new flights till July 31, 2019.

From May 26, 2019, SpiceJet will add

Mumbai – Hyderabad

SG6431 BOM0720 – 0845HYD 737 D
SG6432 HYD0930 – 1045BOM 737 D

Mumbai – Vijayawada

SG6435 BOM1130 – 1300VGA 737 D
SG6436 VGA1330 – 1455BOM 737 D

Mumbai – Thiruvananthapuram

SG6437 BOM1545 – 1740TRV 737 D
SG6438 TRV1810 – 2035BOM 737 D

Mumbai – Goa

SG6439 BOM2120 – 2230GOI 737 D
SG6442 GOI2310 – 0020(+1 day)BOM 737 D

From May 28, 2019, SpiceJet will add

Mumbai – Kolkata

SG6421 BOM0825 – 1105CCU 737 x37
SG6422 CCU1155 – 1355BOM 737 x37

Mumbai – Tirupati

SG6422 BOM1535 – 1715TIR 737 D
SG6451 TIR1745 – 1940BOM 737 D

Mumbai – Kochi

SG6476 BOM2030 – 2215COK 737 D
SG6475 COK0550 – 0735BOM 737 D

From May 30, 2019, SpiceJet will add

Kolkata – Patna

SG6425 CCU0600 – 0710PAT 737 D
SG6426 PAT1940 – 2100CCU 737 D

Mumbai – Patna

SG6426 BOM1650 – 1910PAT 737 D
SG6425 PAT0740– 0955BOM 737 D

Mumbai – Kanpur

SG6429 BOM1030 – 1310KNU 737 D
SG6430 KNU1345 – 1610BOM 737 D

All flights are bookable now. All SG6XXX flights arrive and depart from Mumbai Terminal 2.

Spicejet new flights

Temporary domestic expansion by SpiceJet using Jet Airways slots

The above expansion will utilise 3 737 aircraft. If you factor in earlier expansions, they require 10 737s. SpiceJet has 13 737MAX grounded and not all affected flights are back yet. The focus is on adding new temporary flights, rather than bringing back flights which were cancelled due to groundings of their 13 737MAX. SpiceJet is blaming the grounding of 737 MAX for flight delays and cancellations while adding new temporary routes and ex-Jet Airways 737s.

Also, Jet Airways slots were made available to other carriers to add flights which were lost due to suspension of Jet Airways operations. But beyond that, SpiceJet has also added new routes of their own which were never operated by Jet Airways like Mumbai – Gorakhpur (second flight), Mumbai – Vijayawada, Mumbai – Tirupati, Mumbai – Kanpur and so-on.

No news yet on the international flights from Mumbai to Hong Kong, Dubai, Colombo, Dhaka, Riyadh and Kathmandu which SpiceJet was supposed to start by May end.

Will you be booking one of the new temporary flights of SpiceJet?

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