New American Express Spend Offer for vouchers worth INR 30,000

American Express is out with a slew of new promotions, all of which are intended to help you get to use your American Express cards and get Membership Rewards points to the maximum. There is a promotion going on to offer double points for Educational Institution Spendsgiving away free credit cardsgiving bonus points for Supplementary Card issuance and statement credit on Hyatt Hotel stays. Not just that, if you will pay your insurance bills with your Amex, you will get tonnes of more Membership Rewards points this quarter too. Now, they just launched an American Express Spend offer last evening.

If you are buying Future Group stuff on your American Express, you get discounts there too. There is a new promotion for 6X Membership Rewards points on American Express International Spends too. And don’t forget the 15X Membership Rewards you are going to get booking your travel on the Amex portal. Last week, they launched the Amex Online Festival which got you 10% cashback on various spends. 

American Express Spend Offer

The newest offer is a spend based offer for American Express Credit Cards, so it is being customised and sent to the inboxes. If you haven’t received one yet, wait for it! The offer is valid on the following credit cards:

The offer is valid from February 25, 2019 to April 15, 2019 (inclusive of both days).

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Here are all the offers that have been rolled out, to the best of my knowledge so far.

  • Spend INR 600,000, get INR 30,000 worth of Amex Domestic Travel Vouchers, redeemable on Hotel Stays in India.
  • Spend INR 400,000, get INR 20,000 worth of Amex Domestic Travel Vouchers, redeemable on Hotel Stays in India.
  • Spend INR 200,000, get INR 10,000 worth of Amex Domestic Travel Vouchers, redeemable on Hotel Stays in India.
  • Spend INR 100,000, get INR 5,000 worth of Amex Domestic Travel Vouchers, redeemable on Hotel Stays in India.
  • Spend INR 75,000, get INR 4,000 worth of Amex Domestic Travel Vouchers, redeemable on Hotel Stays in India.
  • Spend INR 50,000, get INR 2,500 worth of Flipkart Voucher.

These offers are stackable, so if you are registered for any other promotion mentioned above, your spends will count for both the offers. Except it is a net off offer, so if you spent INR 1000 on Flipkart for instance and got INR 100 credited back, only INR 900 will be counted for the offer.

Remember, any American Express Card on which the Offer is not applicable, if enrolled for the Offer, will not be considered eligible for the Offer. The offer provides a 5% Return on Spend, over and above any other promotions you will have on your card account.

Given American Express is going out with so many great offers this year, it may be one more reason to apply for a new American Express Credit Card this year. Remember, there are a few great offers going on on American Express cards this year:

Membership Rewards have a great use in my book, and can be converted into great holidays in India and abroad, so I am sold on them.


I anticipate a tonne of new offers this year, given in the first 45 days of the year there are already ten offers out from American Express. So, if you don’t have an Amex credit card yet, perhaps it is an idea to pick up one to encash on offers coming through the rest of the year.


What is your American Express Spend Offer?

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  1. i have not received this or any earlier offer. is it fair that amex sends to someone- and not to others- in spite of both being part of the same card and paying the same annual fees? is it also fair they set targets individually?

  2. I got email about 2 lacs spend and will get 10K travel voucher

    But on 29th March i did swipe of 2.13 lacs after that in just 2 hours on same day i have enrolled for this offer using offer email link.

    Will i eligible for this offer as purchase and enrolled is done on same date?

  3. i got the message to get 30000 worth hotel stay on spending 4 lacs till 15th April.
    that being almost impossible to spend this much in one and a half month, and now i see that lower thresholds are also there in offer, i feel this is unjustified.

  4. I have the platinum travel card and haven’t received any offers yet . Any other way apart from email to check if I am eligible for the above ?

  5. I don’t think the spend offer is stackable – I’ve received a notification for only 1 of the higher tiers which seems unfair now that I see these different thresholds for rewards

    • @Swapneil, if you would have read the T&Cs, it does not target the Jet cobranded card anyways. So, why are you so angry about something which was anyways not a part of the offer?

    • Jet Amex gives 8 Jet miles for RS 150 & unlimited lounge access. This lounge access has become crucial because Jet Airways has withdrawn it from all the plats & Golds available earlier. That is value of this card

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