Why the American Express Jet Airways Platinum Card is still a solid card!

A lot of people have reached out to me over the past few days asking me for my views on the American Express Jet Airways Platinum Card, and what are their options? This is coming from the frequent issues and cancellations which are affecting Jet Airways at the moment, for instance, with the grounding of their aircraft due to lessor repayments not being done in full.

Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card

Personally, I have not started panicking yet with respect to this card. Shipra and I both continue to hold this card, and there is a great reason for that. The American Express Jet Airways Platinum Credit Card has a fabulous feature which gets looked over a lot. Not only does it provide you 10000 JPMiles, plus a ticket code, against INR 5,000 for the first year, but it also provides you with unlimited lounge access across 11 cities in India. Most cards issued by other banks at that price point don’t have the unlimited lounge access feature, and you get two to four lounge accesses per quarter with them.

Here are all the lounges that the American Express Jet Airways Platinum Credit Card offers for free.

City Terminal Lounge Name
Bengaluru Domestic Departure Plaza Premium Lounge
Bengaluru Domestic Departure, Terminal 1 (Transit) Plaza Premium Lounge
Chennai Domestic Departure Travel Club
Cochin Domestic Departure Earth Lounge
Delhi Domestic Departure American Express Lounge
Hyderabad Passenger Terminal Building Plaza Premium Lounge
Hyderabad Domestic Departure Plaza Premium Lounge
Jaipur Domestic/ International Club One Class Lounge
Kolkata Domestic Departure Travel Club
Mumbai Domestic Departure, Terminal 2 Travel Club (CIP Lounge)

For that matter, at Mumbai, if you are a Platinum, you may even get access to the GVK Lounge with your American Express Jet Airways card.

But if you are still concerned about the product, then perhaps an idea to look at the following products:

  • If you need Lounge Access, you should look at the American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card, which comes at the same fee as the Jet Airways variant, and with this link, it provides you 15,000 bonus Membership Rewards points for the first year. Also, the credit card provides you with 12 free visits (3 per quarter) to 31 lounges across the country, and also the American Express Lounge in Delhi & Mumbai.
    • Ahmedabad
      • International Departure, Port Lounge
    • Bangalore
      • Domestic Departure, Plaza Premium Lounge
      • International Departures, Terminal 1 (Transit), Plaza Premium Lounge
      • Domestic Departure, Terminal 1 (Transit), Plaza Premium Lounge
    • Bhubaneswar
      • Domestic Departure, Mayfair Lounge
    • Chennai
      • Domestic Departure, Travel Club
      • International Departure, Travel Club
      • New International Departure, Travel Club
    • Cochin
      • Domestic Departure, Earth Lounge
      • International Departure, Earth Lounge
    • Chandigarh
      • Chandigarh International Airport, Domestic Terminal, Citco Lounge
      • Chandigarh International Airport, International Terminal, Citco Lounge
    • Delhi
      • International Arrivals (T3), Plaza Premium Lounge
      • Domestic Departure (T3, T1D, T2), Plaza Premium Lounge
      • Domestic Arrivals (T1D), Plaza Premium Lounge
      • Domestic Arrivals (T3), Plaza Premium Lounge
      • International Departure (T3), Plaza Premium Lounge (Mezzanine Floor & 4th Floor)
    • Hyderabad
      • Domestic Departure, Plaza Premium Lounge
      • International Departure, Plaza Premium Lounge
      • Passenger Terminal Building (Transit), Plaza Premium Lounge
    • Jaipur
      • International Departure (T2), Club One Class
    • Kolkata
      • Domestic Departure, Travel Club
      • International Departure, Travel Club
    • Mumbai
      • Domestic Departure (T1C), Travel Club
      • Domestic Departure (T2), Travel Club
      • Domestic Departure, (T1B), Good Times Bar
      • International Departure, (T2), Loyalty Lounge
  • If you want to switch to earning Membership Rewards, you should look at the American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card, which is going for free at the moment. The card gets you a 1000 Membership Rewards points for the use of the card 4 times every month, and the link gets you a bonus of 2,000 Membership Rewards points as well.


To me, the American Express Jet Airways Credit Card still holds a lot of value, and hence continues to find a place in my primary wallet. But if someone wants to derisk, perhaps it is an idea to start with the Platinum Reserve Credit Card (15,000 MR link), and or the Membership Rewards Credit Card (4,000 MR link).

What are your current thoughts on the American Express Jet Airways Credit Card?  

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  1. No it is not a good card to hold.

    Any other Amex card ( plat reserve or plat travel will give you access to lounges in India )

    10 k renewal fees with 5000 JP miles is not that treat. 16 miles per 150 on jet airways .com was good for accelerated Miles earnings which is gone and no one is talking about that either.
    Other earnings of 8 JP miles per 150 is average .
    Definitely not worthy enuf

  2. Is there any update on the status now that Jet Airways is completely grounded?

    Is it better to go for the Plat Reserve now?

    • Your JP MILES ARE completely safe as it’s held by jetprivilege company . Owned by Etihad .
      And can be used for booking SpiceJet / Etihad/ air India / go air / etc.

  3. Hi,
    Can I use my jet airways platinum card for lounge access in Rome (FCO) airport ..They have a platinum plaza lounge there.
    Pls share..Thank you

  4. My Jet Amex is up for renewal in April 2019. Ajay do you still recommend renewal of this card at Rs 10000/5000?
    Half their fleet is grounded now. And domestic flights are getting cancelled haphazardly. So it’s a bit of a conundrum for me.

  5. with 49 flights being grounded and no respite near. Pune – Singapore non stop flight is now suspended atleast till 31st March. is it better to redeem the JP Miles or wait ??
    redeeming JP Miles is better than etihad miles ?? i am using the miles jet airways or air india only for free upgradation so far. i have so fat around 1.65 lakhs JP miles in my account .

    jet privilege is giving promotions and offers but whats the use of it, if the parent company itself is going downhill ?? Can we redeem for upgrade these jp miles on any other airlines. i know we can for airfrance , klm etihad etc. but it has to be through jet privilege / jetairways itself. now if these enity or organisations don’t exist itself, whom to call for redemption ?

  6. Ajay-a request for correction – there is no lounge in bhubaneswar. Atleast not that i have seen. Have flown multiple time as it is my home airport and always had to eat overpriced food 🙂

    • @Sujit, sorry to correct you, buddy. Look for the Mayfair lounge. it is there and on my occasional visit to Bhubaneswar, I’ve been there. It was there as late as first half last year. Don’t know after.

  7. @Ajay nice post . But how do you see the Jet airways crises unfolding with the regulators making it even more difficult for Ethihad open offer
    Does it make sense to chase the JP miles by flying or swiping. And what about the huge JP miles accrued.

  8. I discontinued this card in December. Amex offered LTF what they said was a Gold Credit card. Turned out to be the Everyday spends card. They also reversed the annual fee (plus GST) paid on Jet Amex in Jan 2018. Talk about customer service!

  9. Have this card but going to discontinue actually, with all uncertainty around Jet and with not good enough value against fees.

    Even if this had unlimited lounge access in Abad, would have considered..

    I guess my best bet, from my understanding, is to try to get my YPF to get upgraded to YFE to get that advantage.

  10. 10k plus taxes on renewal for a card with no renewal bonus . Also a card which Amex doesn’t consider good enough for its mumbai lounge !

  11. Agree with you on this Ajay. Being a Plat, i don’t have to pay the annual fees, and this is my primary go to card for getting lounge access in the 3 airports at Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.

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