Air India Flying Returns changes at a glance

A few days ago, I wrote about the changes to Air India’s Flying Returns program. The first changes, where minimum miles have been implemented, are already live. Here is how the mileage credit worked earlier:


The new mileage credit chart, on the other hand, confirms the demise of the Premium Economy fare class ( P ) and while it upgrades the deep discount classes to 50%, it downgrades the full-fare classes Y,B,M to 100% earning of flown miles.


Silver members to get 15% bonus tier points instead of 10% earlier

Silver tier members with Air India used to get 10% bonus miles earlier for their flights, now AI has increased that to 15% with effect from April 1, 2015.

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  1. Hi AJ,

    AI website says that only Y, B, M, H, K, Q, V class are eligible for upgrade award redemption from Economy to Business class.

    Does that mean that S class- Web Special fares are not eligible?

    Now- Pune Delhi- S Class fare is 3097, U class is 10636 ( Again not eligible for Upgrade with miles and voucher) and next one M class is Rs 17641.

    This means only if I spend Rs 17641 instead of Rs 3097- S class, I am eligible for upgrade. Its crazy. I might as well book a redemption ticket on Business class for 18000 miles if am dying to travel on Air India.

    Am I missing something here?

    • @Krishna yes, for mileage upgrade only the highest classes are eligible on AI. But you could try within 24 hours and see if you luck out with an agent.

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