Here is how much money you need to pay to get on an evacuation flight to India

India locked itself down in March 2020, stopping all flights inwards as well.  A significant consequence of these seven weeks of lockdown has been that there are millions of Indians stranded outside their homeland. Earlier this week, the Government of India has started to put together a comprehensive measure to start evacuation flights to India from the United States, United Kingdom, the Middle East and South-East Asia beginning Thursday, May 7, 2020.

The repatriation will happen in a phased manner. The Government of India has handed out all these flights to Air India, and the first week of evacuation flights will bring back about 15,000 stranded Indians from 13 countries, between May 7 and May 14, 2020.

While the earlier repatriation, for instance, for those evacuated from Wuhan was done for free, this round of returns will cost the passenger money, as it will be a much bigger round and in the first week, 15000 people are expected to be airlifted. Since so many people are enquiring about the prices of these flights, I am putting out the Air India Flight Ticket Price list for common reference of the various sectors, in Economy Class.

a table with numbers and a number of flights Air India Special Flights Price List

You can keep track of all the flights being organised to fly people from India and into India on these Air India flights for the schedules and how to get on those planes.

I know these are prohibitive prices, but my guess is even at these prices flights into India will be full. However, on the outside of India flights, given the vague nature of the approval process, for now, I am not confident these flights will be filled up.

What do you make of Air India’s new plan to evacuate Indians from other countries back into the country? I hope other airlines will be brought into the mix soon and prices come down as well. 

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    We Indians at Nepal are no way given any priority nor we are getting any updates. We are stuck here with no money and no proper food and medicine pls we request someone to hear us out

  2. Is there any flight from canada to kolkata?My son is a student there.what will be the price?

  3. What about flight from Seychelles to India mumbai… It has been long time i m stuck up.. I would request the government of INDIA to look forward for the flight from Seychelles to INDIA..

  4. What about indians stranded in cape town south Africa. Please arrange evacuation flight as early as possible.students are stranded with distress. Please help them

  5. When is the schedule of the flight from Phuket to Mumbai?and is there anything to pay ?

  6. The charges from London to Delhi flight is too much, keeping in view that you are carrying persons from India to London.There is no reason to charge so much.More over charges for and place of quarantine is not mentioned.More over how the Government will move the returnees to their place of residence in Punjab or other state as Taxis or other transport will not be available. Please help

  7. After registration with Indian Embassy , what is the procedure for tracking our repatriation request , when we will be in a position to fly back home

  8. When flight from Nairobi Kenya to Mumbai would be scheduled any idea? Hundreds of Indians stranded here as well

  9. Kindly help us need to go back to Hyderabad from Bahrain myself and my mother we both are women all alone in Bahrain help us kindly Indian government help us to reach our home country back to our family

  10. I am stuck in Abudhabi UAE, company closed, No money for food and medician. And family members back in india are depending on me.

    Need priority to fly back to India.

  11. Any help for indians in Indonesia thousands of people stranded here which is global hotspot . We have been contacting the embassy but don’t see any positivity loosing hope on over government for their laid back response.

    We need to get out of this place before we get contaminated.please arrange a flights from Bali to Bangalore

  12. My husband is in negeria when negeria flights move pl help us .we r in Hyderabad we are very much help us

  13. Hi Ajay, Do you have information about quarantine facility charges? are they placing returnees in hotels or hospitals?

  14. Please we need help we are in Azerbaijan . No money hungry from 2 days we are stuck please sir help us ..

    • Hi Kajal
      Best way is to remain connected to Indian embassy , I can try to get you help as my contacts know few govt officials in Azerbaijan, if you can share your contact details I can pass on the information and help to you as long as you are there.

  15. We r in dubai now, we want to go kolkata (india), when d flight start for kolkata from dubai pl inform me as soon as possible,

    • I think on 2nd phase they will arrange flight for Kolkata. I am also waiting to fly Kolkata.

  16. Why is the govt not permitting otherbIndian carriers u o operste??? They are afraid no one would want to and like to travel by AI,, this is a move made to only let AI make money and deprive the others,, indeed a shame but clever game being played by the govt as well as Puri, but rsther unprofessional

  17. The one way orice is £700 more which is extortion however at least it is a flight. Problem is how to we travel from punjab to delhi. Taxt drivers do not want to take risk

    • AI through the govt wsnts to make money rhats thecreason for over chsrge and not permitting other indian carriers and international carriers to operate

  18. We need to go to Tokyo. I come to India for vocation. I am working in Japan. When the flight will be there to Tokyo

  19. When are they going to schedule Muscat to Mumbai flights ?? We desperately need one to return home.

  20. Start a domestic fight in Sir India too. People are trapped in India who want to go home. Please request please

  21. Hello I’m British passport holders I have OCI. My company is close because of corona virus. I want to go back India because my family is there. So my I allowed to travel India? Please let me know. Thanks

  22. We want to go back india (Kolkata)
    Me ND my husband stuck in Phuket.
    What about us?
    Plz help us

  23. Actually lot of people came to india for them vacation, so now they need to move for gulf country. When they resume international flights from india to other countries

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