Inside the new Air India Boeing 777-300ER delivered today!

Air India Boeing 777 (the 200LR and 300ER variants) and Boeing 787-8 form the backbone of the long-haul fleet of the airline. The airline has a few Boeing 747-400 aircraft as well, which are used for sorties of the Prime Minister/ President and Vice President, operating as Air India 1. They are also operated on some scheduled flights, but not too many.

Now the airline has completed the induction of all their Boeing 787-8 planes, and while my first impression of those planes was not so great, the airline has built a good experience around it as I realised on my last business class flight in their 787-8.

The airline still has 3 planes on order, all Boeing 777-300ERs, which they delayed delivery for while they found the money for them. The airline now has started taking delivery of these planes. The airline has just received delivery of the Boeing 777-300ER which is registered as VT-ALV and named Punjab, and this is being flown in from Everett to Delhi as I write this post.

Air India Boeing 777-300ER VT-ALV

Air India has not done much different with this plane, just like it did not do anything with the Boeing 787-8s. So, these planes are coming with the standard-fitted seats from Boeing, and four seats in First Class.

Here is how it looks inside. The Business Class seats are similar to the Boeing 787-8 seats, which is the standard Boeing-fitted seat. This is a lie-flat seat and a huge step-up from the angled seats in the earlier Boeing 777-300ERs in service as of now.

Air India Business Class

Air India Business Class

In the back of the plane, the airline has done nothing different as well. Which is a good thing, because you can still have a 3-3-3 configuration in Economy as compared to a 3-4-3 which many airlines are going with, including fellow Indian carrier Jet Airways. However, the colour scheme is still off, and Air India really does not care!

Air India Economy Class

Air India Economy Class

While it is 66% probable that these seats would be pulled out and the plane would be retrofitted for VVIP use, it could still be possible that one of these 3 new planes could come your way and would be operating on the long-hauls, including the new Delhi – Los Angeles which is still on the roadmap for the airline to launch.

What do you think about the new seats on these Boeing 777-300ERs from Air India? 

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  1. By the way guys I think the business class seat in the picture above is the 787 seats and not the 777 seats…

  2. Hi everyone … I request to u all , Do not travel any air traveler in Air India , Air india staff, take out the respect of the traveler . … This has happened twice with us again This time have removed jewelry and 300 $ money …. After work, it is said that none of our staff members can do this…. and after many excuses ….

    Air India’s flight is the slowest flight in India …Sooo plss plsss dont travel in this flight if u want to travel anywhere… thanxx

    • I don;t see a problem in AI only yourself, why are you putting Jewelry in a suitcase? valuable items should be in your purse or hand baggage.

  3. The 777-300 ERs don’t have the range to do Delhi – Los Angeles or Delhi – Houston, unless they are fitted with Aux Fuel tanks or have payload restrictions.

  4. Hello Ajay, got to hear that these planes will go back to US for security check (as this is twin engine air craft and need clearance) so that it can be used by VVIPs (PM,P, VP) and will be back in india by May/June. VVIPs will then fly in 777 instead of 747.

    Few questions arise are
    1. How will be the fleet utilization be
    2. Will AI convert remaining 777 in to lie flat in their Business Class?

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