Air Canada resumes flights to India; Flight links between India and Canada established again

Update: Flight ban extended till September 27, 2021, on flights between India and Canada.

With the second wave of CoVid-19 spreading like crazy around India in April 2021, Canada pulled out all sorts of air links with India to prevent the travel of the virus from India to their shores, just like they did with many other countries at the time. The good news is, Canada has finally opened up for India again. We wrote about the opening of their borders with India on September 21, 2021, and it has happened.

Over the past few months, Canada has applied a tough stance to India, not accepting India’s RT-PCR testing standards and insisting on a third-country test for those wanting to enter Canada from India. Hence, even after the Canadian borders opened earlier in September 2021, Indian travellers had to route themselves through a third country, mainly via Mexico, because they had to get tested and present an RT-PCR negative report on arrival into Canada.

an airplane taking off from a runway

Air Canada to fly to Delhi Airport again

From September 20, 2021, Air Canada has resumed flying to Delhi and will also resume flights from India to Canada on September 21, 2021, and onwards. As I write this, the first flight after April 22, 2021, is on its way to Delhi.

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Courtesy FlightRadar24

Toronto to Delhi, and return flights, AC42/AC43 are now scheduled to be operated all 7 days of the week with a Boeing 787-9 aircraft, non-stop in both directions.

Similarly, flights between Vancouver and Delhi will also resume one day after the flights between Toronto/Delhi. They will operate as AC44/AC45 all seven days of the week, with a Boeing 787-9 aircraft.

However, some stringent testing requirements are still being imposed for travel from India to Canada. As per an update on the Air Canada website, they ask for an RT-PCR report, not older than 18-hours before the flight, from a specific lab at Delhi Airport. Even connecting passengers will have to provide a report from this lab only, so keep that in mind before booking your flights to Delhi to connect on the flights to Canada.

a screenshot of a flight test


Air Canada’s flights to India have resumed, with Delhi Airport being the first port of call for them effective September 21, 2021, onwards. However, a test done at a lab near Delhi Airport is required for travel within 18 hours before take-off.

What do you think of the new systems Air Canada have put in place for resumption of travel from India?

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  1. They saying you need Pcr test from particular lab on T3. But Delhi Airport won’t allow more then 3 hour before any one can manage.and lab is inside the terminal

  2. Is fully vaccinated (with vaccines permitted by Canada) persons are allowed to board Air Canada flight only? Or Not vaccinated or Covaxin vaccinated people are also allowed.

  3. Interesting how pandemic and varient rules only applied to India and converted to tough stance whereas no such courage and will was shown to the originating country from where this entire fiasco began…. even when the varient increased. Or even when risks increased from across the US border. What next? Refuse to recognize vacinnes from India like UK declared recently and enforce quarantine again?

  4. Are you absolutely certain that direct flights from India to Canada have resumed as of today? The other article you have posted mentions September 30, 2021.
    Also, are these flights co-shared by Air India and Air Canada?

  5. What is the name of the lab where tests can be done?
    Also can partially vaccinated travellers can also travel via direct flights now after the RT PCR test?

  6. I agree with the strict PCR test because direct flights from India showed the highest covid positive passengers compared to all other international flights combined!

    So you know the question is how accurate or authentic were those “negative” PCR tests that were being presented.

    • Yeah what about the millions of US nationals coming to Canada and testing positive in every flight and even presenting fake Vaccinations certificate. The so called developed nations need a chance to show racism towards Brown skin and they will lap on to it assuming they are made in heaven and others in hell. Covid has given a wake up call to these nations that they are incapable of handling anything by themselves as put under little bit of pressure and are still reeling in the stress of Covid even after hoarding all the vaccine of the world. Karma has the last Laugh I guess.

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