Air Asia India coming to Mumbai?? Await super low fares

In what may be one of the first big change of strategies for Air Asia in India, they seem to have decided they cannot look away from the Indian metros. Air Asia India, when they launched earlier this year, had decided to focus on tier 2 markets, and open new routes. And hence, they’ve been operating flights from Bangalore to Goa, Chennai and Kochi, and very recently to Chandigarh and Jaipur.

I’d almost given up hope on flying Air Asia in India, since they don’t cover my home airport, which is Mumbai. Until yesterday when Mr. Tony Fernandes, the big man at Air Asia, announced his intentions to be flying out of Mumbai, soon.

While Air Asia is going about its plans with a very cool head, it does seem to unsettle the other players in the market, who have decided they will compete with Air Asia India with all their might. That explained Indigo launching on the same routes as Air Asia India when I5 announced their new routes to Chandigarh and Jaipur. That also explains the current low pricing Jet Airways is offering from Bangalore.


I do expect this strategy to continue when Air Asia India comes to Mumbai as well, and everyone to go for their jugular, and in the process, the jugular of their own profit and loss accounts.

Come to Mumbai Air Asia, I’ve been waiting for a while!

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